Danes izide težko pričakovani časopis. Ob tej priložnosti objavljam drugo polovico rubrike, pri kateri kreativno sodelujem.

Dear Linguini,

I am a 21-year-old student at the Translation Department. Me and this girl were practicing our French the other night and I had a premature conjugation. Now, she said that it’s nothing to be ashamed of, that it happens to everyone. I just have to be patient and practice a lot. I’m still worried that I’ll under perform at the big test. Please, help. Signed: A Night in Paris.

My dear A Night in Paris,

It looks like your girlfriend is more experienced than you are as she is absolutely right. The key is not to rush into things and always use your head. Start slow with simple exercises and then you’ll be able to tackle trickier situations. Good oral performance is of vital importance so be sure not to neglect that area. The other important thing is rhythm. Keep that in your head and plough bravely ahead. Eventually, things will start feeling natural and everything will come out okay.

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  1. bart bart pravi:

    Mislim, da je to edini del časopisa, ki opravičuje nakup. :-) V naslednji števiki bo Linguini imel gotovo še bolj pereča vprašanja zmedenih mladih prevajalcev.


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