Dear Linguini,

I am extremely worried. Whenever I get the chance, I steal secret glances at my friends’ dashes! What’s worse, I keep comparing them to my own. When browsing the Internet, I often find myself going through very specific sites. I just love looking at the different shapes, lengths, sizes, and colours. However, none of these look like the one I have! Some girls have even commented on how funny mine looks. For one, everybody seems to have a straight one, but mine has the tendency to curve slightly downwards, especially when I’m under pressure. I lie awake at night, thinking about my dash and feeling like I’m never going to fit in! Please help.

Dashed Dreams

Dear DD,

If I had a nickel for every time someone came up to me with a similar problem, I’d be two (Canadian) dollars richer. I know that many young people often feel very self-conscious and insecure. Comparing one’s dash with that of a friend is completely normal. What you must realise is that yours is unique and I’m sure you will come to accept it in time for all its many uses. The beauty of a dash, as you might know, is that you can stick it almost everywhere (it’s quite willy-nilly that way). It’s how you use it – not how long or unsightly it may be – that really matters. I am sure you are the type of dashing young gentleman that cannot wait to get out into the world and start using his fine dash!

- Linguini

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  1. petitjean petitjean pravi:

    My, my, what a perverted sense of humour, young girl! :)

  2. Slončica Slončica pravi:

    @petitjean: Wow, it sure took you long to figure that out. ;)


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