Dearest Linguini,

My boyfriend left me after a very long and committed relationship. I can’t sleep at night and my translating has gone from bad to worse! I have, however, written a short poem expressing my feelings. I call it Evolution.

At first we were a collocation,
Now our names are just a free-word combination.

I’m afraid that losing my boyfriend will influence my future career. I just can’t imagine flunking university and spending the rest of my life translating the obituary columns of our village newspaper. How can I move on?

- Plain Jane

My dear Plain Jane, can’t you see
He can’t feel your poetry.

Sure you’re sad and feel alone
(Want to ring him on the phone),

But let’s face it, Janey dear,
He doesn’t sound like Richard Gere.

You – now, there’s another story.
One with ending far less gory.

And as sure as grandpa’s socks are smelly,
Your name will be up there with Shelly.

- Linguini

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  1. šuši šuši pravi:

    heheheh, I love that one … now I am just a free word combination :D


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