Napisana leta 1928
Jezik: angleščina
447 strani

Na naslovnici piše “The bible of lesbianism” (ugibaj, kdo mi jo je torej posodil :) ), ampak je najbrž kar a bible for anyone that’s different.
Stephen je punca in je drugačna, (nova beseda: invert. Pomni!) zaradi česar seveda nastanejo problemi. Kako Stephen sprejme družba in kako se (če se) sprejme sama, skozi izjemno slogovno bogat in tekoč jezik.

Me likey (morje citatov, ampak jih bom morala začet izposovat spotoma, ker mi listki padajo ven.):

- Farther got calmly out of it all by dying one day – and that was so like him! He’d had about enough, so he just lay down and died; /…/.

- So all day long must the priests sit and hear the time-honoured sins of body and spirit; a monotonous hearing because of its sameness since nothing is really new under the sun, least of all our manner of sinning.

- So, side by side with more fortunate women, worked Miss Smith who had been breeding dogs in the country; or Miss Oliphant whohad been breeding nothing since birth but a litter of hefty complexes; /…/.

- And as often happened when Wanda was sober, she repeated herself more than when she was drunk.

- She had heard that in England many such women had taken to breeding dogs in the country. Well, why not? Dogs were very nice people to breed. ‘Plus je connais les hommes, plus j’aime les chiens.’

- As for those who were ashamed to declare themselves, lying low for the sake of peaceful existence, she utterly despised such of them as had brains; they were traitors to themselves and their fellows, she insisted. For the sooner the world came to realize that fine brains very frequently went with inversion, the sooner it would have to withdraw its ban, and the sooner would cease this persecution.

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